Tuesday, February 5, 2008

all michael jackson, all the time

swimming halfway up table mountain = totally legit.

the water was red because of fumic acid, whatever that might be. maybe if i were as cool as nicko i'd link to the wikipedia article...sorry bout it.

cape town beaches.

my roommate is a champ.

lion's head and most of cape town.

hiking table ended up taking us eight hours including swimming at south africa's highest and smallest beach, but it was absolutely worth it. hiking down was a lot harder than i had anticipated, but i beasted it even though i kept asking if south african stores sold new knees the entire way down. fyi: they don't.

after table, we went out to dinner at a place called cafe ganesh that evan found (lonely planet diet whaaat) despite the entire city being in a blackout that lasted six hours. we were all pretty freaked out, especially since steve, our cab driver, was nervous and talking about the looting and riots that apparently happen when the power goes out. south africa is facing a huge power crisis right now, and zimbabwe is totally screwed because south africa had been supplying it with electricity, but now we don't have enough to keep cape town, etc. running so... christine and i were doing our laundry yesterday and the power went out in rondebosch right after we put our clothes in the dryer, sweet.

yesterday we kicked it at cocoa wah wah (where i am now, iced americanos are my jam) and then went up to uct for an african drumming workshop and free food, both of which were AWESOME. then home before going to zula sound bar on long street where ian, caroline, matt and i had amazing flatbread pizzas and two bottles of wine for basically 7 bucks a person, amazing. after zula, almost everyone went home, but evan, bart, christine, ian, alex, seth, caroline and i went to hear a marimba band at mama africa that was great. i was running on five hours of sleep due to our brilliant choice to stay up until 5:30 a.m. the night before to watch the superbowl.

time to play scrabble! kbye.

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HannahCC said...

what is all this bitching about your knees (which did not have to have surgery last semester)?????

and all this ridiculous new lingo?

oh well, i guess i still love you.........

<3 <3 <3