Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tia, bru

christine and i made the executive decision that our epic/horrible drive back from the garden route doesn't really need to be chronicled in the blogosphere, so i'm going to ignore it and move on.

things are pretty calm (at least for me) in cape town right now, after a couple weeks of classes, etc.-related turmoil. i managed to work my schedule out pretty well, except that, as a friend pointed out to me almost immediately after the add/drop period ended, i'm taking 20 credits when i really only need to be taking 16. whoops about it. oh well.

the biggest thing that's happened in the past few weeks has been related to my friend matt. while walking to class a couple weeks ago, he was hit (essentially run over) by a dodge caravan, and ended up fracturing his tibia, breaking his ankle, and getting a few teeth knocked out, in addition to various abrasions, cuts, and bruises. he was south-africa style rushed to the hospital after 20 minutes of waiting for the ambulance and was just released this morning, which we're all really happy about.

after his surgeries (he had screws and a metal rod put into his tibia and ankle that will be there for the rest of his life and dental surgery to fix his teeth), he ended up getting a pulmonary embolism, which happens when fatty tissue travels through an artery into the lungs, causing them to fill up with fluid. while these are pretty common (though usually in femur/thigh surgical patients), he had to be put into the ICU for four days, which was pretty trying on all of us, especially his roommates christine and ian, who ended up dealing with a lot of the problems that arose until his parents got here a few days ago. all of our friends were in and out of the hospital (but none more than christine and ian, who could give tours of the claremont hospital with their eyes closed by now) visiting him at the awkward visiting hours provided, from 3-4 and 7-8 p.m., trying to be positive and uplifting and whatever.

that aside, a bunch of my friends are going to namibia this weekend, which i'm pretty jealous of. i have two mandatory tutorials on monday which prevented me from going, along with other factors, but am going to do my best to have a great weekend anyways. it's not like i'm not in cape town, south africa, as has been pointed out to me several times.

the workload is really starting to pile up, it feels like everyone i know (including myself) has two or three papers to write before the vac from march 21st-30th, during which i'm going to botswana, zambia, and victoria falls.

so, yeah. i haven't gotten any comments in a while so if you're still reading this let me know, i'm going to keep writing so i can remember stuff but won't have to be nearly as creative and entertaining if it's just for me.