Friday, January 4, 2008

17 days.

so i'm leaving to go to cape town on the 21st, via new york city/greenwich, ct via gambier via chicago. i have some apprehensions about not leaving straight from home, but i'm pretty sure that that's just the type a emerging, since i won't have everything packed exactly the way i want it.

i've been thinking a lot about the bullshit surrounding new year's eve/new year's resolutions and how there's a lot of pressure to have the best night ever on new year's eve and then to miraculously commence being a better person or a healthier person on january 1st. the ironic thing is that because of the pressure to have an absurdly great night on new year's eve, i wouldn't hesitate to say that 90% of the population of the united states wakes up and enters whatever new year it is hungover and, if the three pillars of a good night (no throwing up, no hooking up, no crying) failed them, sad/confused and naked next to some dude that you probably didn't plan on doing. whoops about it.

anyways, alyssa and i were talking last night about how we want to be in a constant state of self-betterment, and i guess i hope that going to cape town for the semester will catapult me back into the state of mind and state of constant improvement that i was in at the beginning of freshman year. i feel like this is my last real new beginning, in that going abroad is the last time i have to hit refresh and go into something with a totally open mind and just exist without the burdens of the other new beginnings that are imminent on the horizon--graduation, real life/real job, etc. yikes. you could very easily make the argument that graduation and getting a real job and an apartment or house or whatever are bigger deals and more important to life and personal growth than going abroad, but cape town is the last thing i have that doesn't have a million complicated and seriously important strings attached. i hope it's as great as i kind of need it to be.

we'll see. i'll know in like two weeks, jeez. i find out where i'm living and get my visa and isic card on the 8th or 9th, so i guess this means i'm really going. huh.


Cooper said...

lurrrrrve you


Hannah Qu'ran said...


your news years resolution? not waking up naked next to some guy...waking up naked next to ME

HannahCC said...

Oliiiivia! why have you not updated el blog-o?